Following a charitable donation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Edinburgh, Pamela Clark reports on how the money was spent.

Personal account of a recent trip to Ghana, Africa - Pamela Clark

I am a third year child health student who recently carried out an elective placement for three weeks over in Ghana, Africa in May this year. I decided to travel abroad for my placement to gain experience in tropical diseases and observe nursing practice in a different country. Before going over to Africa myself and another colleague (also going to Ghana on placement) completed some fund raising events and asked companies for donations in which we planned to buy supplies for the sick children over in Africa.

A family friend, Douglas Sneddon, contacted yourselves on my behalf to ask about a donation for our trip. To my amazement a very kind donation of £100 was given and helped purchase many items helping orphans over in Ghana.

I decided to use your donation to help children in two orphanages. I bought enough food for children for a month, bought pens, pencils, exercise books and paid for their school transport and fees for a month which all came from your generous donation. I bought some small toys for the children (bats and balls, hula hoops, bubbles, footballs) and it was an unbelievable experience when they opened them up, it was like Christmas had come for them. Please find attached some photos.

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