In November 2013, Lodge St David, No. 36 became the first University Lodge in Scotland.  A similar scheme has been run very successfully under the auspices of the United Grand Lodge of England for ten years, with over sixty lodges now participating.

The Grand Master Mason understanding the benefits of such a scheme has created  five-year pilot in Scotland.  The Scottish University Lodge Scheme allows young men in higher or further education, and similar circumstances, who would not otherwise be able to join a Scottish Lodge to benefit from the opportunity of Initiation into the Scottish Craft.

The Scottish University Lodge Scheme enjoys a number of standing dispensations to permit:

  • Young Men who would not meet the age requirement (or are not a Lewis) to join a Scottish Lodge
  • Admit to membership, those who have not been resident in the vicinity of a Scottish Lodge for the requisite period
  • Potential Candidates in Full-Time Education enjoy a 50% reduction in joining fees.

The lodge has enjoyed a resurgence, with ten new members having been admitted during their first year.

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